How to decide the best CBD dosage for you

One of the most confusing situations patients come across is what dosage is the best when using CBD oil

The ever growing cannabis industry has countless sides to it. It is a multi faced area and both new and experienced users can possibly face challenges when deciding on varieties and dosage.

CBD oil is one of the most miraculous extracts of the cannabis plant. It is known to have limitless potential in the medical field. From being used by cancer patients to treat skin ailments, CBD oil is an all- rounder.

However, one of the most confusing situations patients come across is what dosage is the best when using CBD oil. It is even more challenging because there is no official recommendation on the administration serving size of CBD oil. Usually, one dropper everyday is the most common prescription but other factors such as the body chemistry and body weight of the patient, the intensity of the ailment and the concentration of CBD oil also come into play. This indicates that a common serving size for every patient is not ideal.

Take a professional consultation

Before beginning to use CBD oil, book an appointment with your physician. While there are fewer doctors who specialise in this area, finding someone who is well versed in the field of cannabis shouldn't be too difficult. Discuss your problems and goals to gain the correct information.

Choosing the correct dose of CBD oil

Patients with more body weight will need to be administered a higher dose of CBD. It is known to take 16 MG of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight according to the patient's level of pain. There are several online dispensaries you can choose your CBD from.

Small and steady

After determining your initial dose in accordance with your body weight, notice how your body is reacting to the amount of CBD you are using. Gradually increase the dose while continuing to monitor any changes. This will help you find the perfect dosage that works best for you.

The 100% accurate means to determine CBD dosage is by usingCBD capsules. These capsules are filled with the precise amount of CBD oil. You can purchase a bottle in accordance with your optimal recommended dosage. Slightly lesser accurate consumption methods are using CBD edibles, CBD beverages, CBD applicators and CBD gummies.

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Mikayla Miller
Mikayla Miller

This is so helpful! I hope that at some point we get to a place where ALL cannabis related products have dosing information on them!